Why does fleetwood mac have 2 drummers

The time Grammy Award winner deserves at least a Golden Globe just for keeping it together on stage.

Mick Fleetwood | Modern Drummer Magazine

She later went on to sweep the awards, including Record and Album of the Year. Dylan ripped into one of the best guitar solos the Grammys have ever hosted as the pest was being led off stage. And the four singers got a chance to take the lead, and capitalized on it, when they treated the audience to a 21st century cabaret and a surprise appearances from Missy Elliot and Patti LaBelle.

Gorillaz and Madonna, "Feel Good Inc. Beyonce and Tina Turner, "Proud Mary" Grammys performances are famous for bringing together the biggest artists in the industry for unforgettable performances, including a collaboration between Tina Turner and Beyonce that brought down the house. Pink, "Glitter in the Air" These days, the true test of a pop star seems to sadly be singing live while stripping down. Pink did one better at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards when she stripped her white robe to reveal a skin-tight bodysuit -- while spinning gracefully through the air Cirque du Soleil-style.

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Are you taking notes, Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga, "Born This Way" By the time Lady Gaga took the Grammys stage in , the world was already used to her crazy antics, but no one was expecting her to roll down the red carpet in a giant plastic egg.

The pop star didn't emerge until she was on stage to sing and dance her heart out in a theatrical performance of the equality anthem "Born This Way. I had a toy kit called a Gigster. They were all drummers that commanded a lot of reverence, like Ginger, and Phil Seamen, who used to play with Georgie Fame. He was a great English jazz drummer.

Mick Fleetwood

Ginger used to worship him. Great feel drummer, one of the dudes. He was like the English Jim Keltner—played with a lot of people, but he still retained his own style. I knew him as a sort of wayward friend. So unknowingly, the first three members of Fleetwood Mac were in that band. Mick: You are entirely correct. I play very physically. We have that sort of camaraderie. And he can do likewise with me. I could see it on his face when we started rehearsals. John and I play like blues players, really, in terms of the way we approach things. It stays with you. Has it got the grease?

mick fleetwood faking drums on fleetwood mac tour??

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The World's Most Recognisable Bass Line Featuring Mick Fleetwood & Matt Allwright on Bass

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