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Click [ More info ] 2. We have confirmed that certain Mac models exhibit symptoms such as recording or playback not working properly.

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We are currently investigating this issue. Updated information regarding this can be found on this page.

Is there absolutely no way of installing Windows XP through Bootcamp on Lion?

YouTube Channel This channel provides information of the Roland's best quality electronic musical instruments. Viewed 19k times. Your start point is BootCamp 3 - I can't remember that far back whether the app itself is on the DVDs that came with the machine, but I have a feeling it was. This has to appear on the label in order to successfully install. This application is not Boot Camp. It is just an Assistant. A word of warning. You may find it difficult to download any updates from Microsoft via Windows Update. You will probably have to search the Web for Service Pack 3, then download and manually install.

I also would not allow it to connect to the Internet as you're just asking for trouble if you do unless you isolate it from any form of direct connectivity to OS X if you want to keep the OS X Host safe!

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Since you can not use your current version of the Boot Camp Assistant, would you not be better off installing Windows 7 or Windows 10 on your Mac Mini? You could install Windows 10 Evaluation for free for 90 days to see if you like Windows 10 before buying. My suspicion is that this is no longer supported in the latest releases of OSX.

For me, the assistant only offers Windows 7 as an option. David Anderson David Anderson Virtual Machines are practical for most situations, but if you want to do 3D gaming, you lose a lot of performance like this. Then launch the Boot Camp Assistant. Continue to proceed with Boot Camp and allow it to download the software and also selecting the size for your partition. When the Mac Mini reboots, you will be taken to a screen where you can decide what to boot to.

Wait a few seconds and the cd-rom will appear on the screen.

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Select it and press 'Enter' to boot to it. Do not try to re-partition or delete the partition.

Just go through the rest of the installation process as normal. Continue to run the update, until it no longer finds updates for the 'Boot Camp Control Panel' utility and the 'Apple Software Update'. Petronilla Escarabajo Petronilla Escarabajo Featured on Meta.

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I currently have need of Windows XP, and I have installed on it via bootcamp. However, I seem to be having trouble finding drivers. The reason being that I am at college, and like most people, I don't bring my OS disks around with me, so I left the Leopard installer at home. I also seem to be having trouble finding assistance passed "You should always have your disks ".

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So, is there any hope for those of us who expected any kind of after-sale service, such as driver support for a heavily advertised feature? Or am I doomed to this standard of assistance for my time with Macintosh. All I need is the Wireless driver for the Airport Extreme.

I can fend for myself after that.