My mac is stuck on the white startup screen

SMC—system management controller, simply put, controls your Mac's system. To reset it may also solve white screen problem on your MacBook or iMac. Press the left-side Shift, Control, Option keys, and the power button on your keyboard all at the same time. Then release all of them at the same time. Settings include display resolution, startup-disk selection, time zone, and recent kernel panic information. If you use iMac Pro, release the keys after the Apple logo appears and disappears for the second time.

If the white screen on mac problem relates to a damaged startup disk, try repairing it by Disk Utility in Recovery Mode. Verbose Mode is a bit distant from users. What's in it just is the details of system activities. It's still unknown why booting with Verbose Mode works, which is odd; however, it does work sometimes.

RE: How to Fix MacBook Stuck on Loading Screen

Notice that reinstalling your Mac's system will cause data loss and you should make sure that you have a backup. If you made up your mind to do this, you may use Recovery Mode. If you have to reinstall macOS to fix white screen Mac, you may have lost all files on your Mac if you don't have backup. FonePaw Data Recovery can recover deleted files from Mac after factory reset, system reinstallation.

My mac is stuck on the white startup screen!

So after white screen is gone on your Mac, you may want to download FonePaw Data Recovery to restore lost files. Download Download. In that case, try to repair the disk. You will need a reliable Internet connection to perform this method.

Choose Reinstall macOS and click Continue. Next, follow the on-screen instructions.

Ensure It Has Power

Share Tweet Share. How to fix Iphone stuck on slide for emergency and connect to itunes screen. This is exactly what im dealing with. First i was getting vertical pink lines, then i tried to delete my Lion partition and now i cant boot into anything except cmmd- S. No system recovery. Its insane and i cant find th r answer anywhere. Pls help.. Searched the world over and found my huckleberry. Thanks for your post. What will happen to all data like movies music and personal files? It just happened today with square box saying in 4 languages you you have to restart the computer now.

Nothing was active. After turn it on again the problem started. It is the keyboard key that has the Apple logo on it a curly thing. It is the key next to the space bar.

Check the Hardware

After trying multiple other ways to get my computer back, his worked for me — thanks so much!!! This worked! I tried so many things, thank you so much! Dont know if it matters, but I found it helped when it was plugged in!

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I have this problem with white screen on both my iMac and Mac pro. I have tried everything! This problem must be software related! It is not possible that both my mac computers go white… It must be something corrupt with the latest updates from Apple. I got it working one time when rebooting it with my Applications install disc but that was the only time.

My Mac pro starts up with white screen but I realized when I push the DVD out when I hear the starting sound the Apple logo appears and the computer is loading and It works! So after having this problem for months and tried everything possible I now understand it has to be software related! I have also checked for Virus but nothing. Read my comment I wrote today. It might be because of disk rights. I though also it might be software related as my osx snowleopard worked without update!

After update it didnt start but instead stopped on starting with white screen after apple logo. I installed osx again on the first part of the disk as I had partition split in G and G. Dont know if that really matters but you hard drive rights must be checked and fixed with disk utility. I get the same issue as well!! It worked perfectly well this morning, then it suddenly turned itself off!! When I tried to turn it back on, that bloody white screen appeared.

Please help. Hi there, I have a MAc, desktop, worked fine until it started to freeze, shuts down then restarts again. I am running El-Capitan, not sure of the version. Thanks so much for the detailed methods of getting rid of this problem.

MacBook Pro Stuck On Loading Screen

You pointed out each step clearly, so I knew what to look for. Other explanations omitted when to press and release keys. Thank you. I am unable to boot my Mac. When I switch it on, the ring tone chime sound is heard and then the grey apple logo appears and a black line starts in the grey bar below the logo and in few seconds proceeds towards less than half distance and stops dead. After waiting and waiting nothing happens and the suddenly the computer screen blacks out I.

Wooowwwww this is totally helpful! I tried the steps one by one until the 4th step.. I got macbook late. I got so little space in my hard drive that I decided to undo partition of the disk. First I had to verify disk. That lead me into trouble as it could not be accomplished as there was some trouble. Therefore I could not finish repair either as the hd must be checked first.

So I tried all kind of tricks but it went worse. My first problem was that I had my hd in 2 parts. I tried to combine them but could not because of I had not enough space in my boot section. So I took backup. Then installed osx snowleopard to the latter part of hd. Then I got white screen after I reinstalled snow leopard. It worked in safe mode, shift pressed upon start. But none of these tips didnt work for me.

What I did with disk utility was I checked disk rights and fixed them. After that I wiped first part of hd and reinstalled snowleopard to the first and bigger part of my hd.

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  8. Then I activated firewall and updated osx before anything. It worked fine. I have a ? Version that will load to the end of the progress bar and stop.

    I found the utilities box. I tried all possilitities and I am on my final try by reloading a copy of OS. It is checking with Apple….