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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WW2 lets you fly 46 different WW2 aircraft, each with their own individual handling, unique weapon outfits, and star ratings in categories like firepower, speed, and hit points. You'll assume the role of an Allied squadron leader, giving commands to your AI wingmen each with their own specialized skill and behavior to hold different formations, play defensively, or engage directly with targets in order to complete missions.

The more casual and arcade-style World War 2 flight simulator game on the list is simple to pick up for any newcomers to the genre and includes a special slow-motion button to make the game easier. You'll fly in 70 historical WWII missions and get to become pilots in the Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe, or the Soviet Air Force while choosing among four planes types like fighters, dive bombers, heavy bombers, and special project planes. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers has you taking control of an entire squadron of aircraft, allowing you to switch strategically from plane to plane in each respective mission.

Damage Inc. The game packs in all the battles of the Pacific theater with 20 locations in 23 historically accurate missions with over objectives and 30 accurately represented and detailed WW2 aircraft, including rare, never-flown prototypes. Birds of Steel for the Xbox presents a beautiful combat flight simulator set in World War 2 that throws you in intense aerial skirmishes using both real battles and actual planes. The game offers multiple difficulty settings of play, including a casual arcade playstyle and a more simulated experience where planes function as close to the real thing as possible.

Flyboys Squadron WW I flying game released

Birds of Steel lets you alter the course of history and features 20 different historical missions with hundreds of procedural missions spanning 16 different locations, including Wake Island and Pearl Harbor. Flight Simulator X Steam Edition gives you 24 planes to fly ranging from huge Boeing s to the somewhat smaller PD Mustang fighter, and there are thousands of aircraft add-ons you can download for SFX.

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The game includes 24, airports for players to take off from and 38 detailed cities, such as Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Flight Simulator X is the only game in the series to include missions, such as search and rescue and carrier operations, which add another dimension to the gameplay. When it first launched, Flight Simulator X had cutting-edge graphics and high system requirements. The Steam Edition also still retains the fantastic attention to detail and realism from the original FSX with the same gravity and physics game engine and AI-controlled runways that fill up with baggage carts and fuel trucks that help bring Flight Simulator X to life that much more.

Fix Flight simulator X problems in Windows 10 with the help of our great guide! This is largely due to its blade-element theory aerodynamic model that determines the actions of real planes in flight based on their actual design parameters.

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X-Plane 10 has more than 30 aircraft for players to choose from, which include Concorde, the F22 Raptor and Boeing X-Plane 10 is one of the most flexible flight simulators as it has tons of user-created aircraft and scenery add-ons, editable maps and also includes in-game options to fully customize the weather with. Note that the game requires a huge 80 GB hard disk storage. FlightGear is an open-source simulator with easily accessible file formats that enable developers to expand it with third-party extensions.

The best thing is that the game is freely available, and you can add it to Windows, Mac OS X or Linux from this website page. The core software includes only a few aircraft, but there are more than planes you can add to it that consist of helicopters, airliners, warbirds, modern and historical military models and light civilian passenger planes.

GeoFS (Web browser)

One novelty the game has is its accurate sky models that adjust the sky to reflect your actual time. A good game needs a good PC. As it happens, we have the best gaming laptops for you!

Best WW2 Combat Flight Sim for Mac

Those are a few of the best flight simulators that bring the thrill of flying to Windows. These are games that have taken the flight simulator genre to dazzling new heights. They include a diverse range of aircraft, expansive maps and landscapes, plenty of flight missions and realistic physics and aerodynamic effects. The choice of landing pads and airports is equally impressive with over 30, locations ranging from oil rigs and frigates which pitch and roll in stormy weather to commercial airports and helipads.

The level of detail is unbelievable including real world weather conditions, system failures and downloadable scenery. Check out our guide the best flight controls for Mac as to really get the best out of X-Plane and enjoy a more authentic flying experience, they really add another dimension to the simulator. You can also enjoy X-Plane for iPad and iPhone which have been scaled to work perfectly on both and are very similar to the desktop version. The mobile apps are free but you have to make in-app purchases to add aircraft such as Airbus A, Boeing , F-4 Phantom etc.

The regions are far more limited on the mobile version than on Mac but it does support multiplayer mode and other challenges and tutorials.

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The obvious downside with such a massive game is it takes a lot of getting used to. The X-Plane user guide feels longer than a Boeing manual. As long as you have this, X-Plane works extremely well on Mac because although it is available on Windows and Linux, X-Plane was developed using a Mac. You can download X-Plane to judge for yourself. If the price tag or complexity of of X-Plane scares you off, then Aerofly FS is a very good compromise.

Like X-Plane, you can use either keyboard, joystick, gamepad or mouse to control the plane. The controls, aerodynamics and graphics of the planes are very close to those in X-Plane and the flying environment is incredibly detailed. That said, the detail of the terrain over the Alps is stunning. The aircraft are nowhere near as varied as in X-Plane either. Some of these also need to be unlocked with in-app purchases. Although FlightGear works on all platforms, it does require a lot of downloading different components such as scenery and aircraft.