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That can be a little strange when most laptops have the touchpad below the keyboard. The 1byone Ultra-Slim Keyboard follows the more traditional laptop layout. The touchpad supports multi-finger actions and gestures. The device is rechargeable and gives up to 90 hours of use on a four hour charge.

The Aerb D8 Pro is optimized for use with media devices. It comes equipped with a large 4. A single click works as a left mouse button, a double-click as a right mouse button. You can drag with two fingers to scroll the screen. Below the touchpad is a row of multifunction keys. The traditional function keys double as media controls for playback and volume.

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The keyboard is even backlit so you can easily use it in your dark entertainment center. The touchpad controls are one click for a left button press, two clicks for right, and two fingers for scrolling. It comes with a rechargeable internal battery, and enters a power saving mode after three minutes of inactivity. The keyboard can connect to up to three devices at once, making it perfect for on-the-go productivity. When unfolded, the small Bluetooth device is compatible with most operating systems. Its long battery life is also a plus, offering 60 hours on just a two hour charge.


The Rii K18 is a full-sized light-weight keyboard with a large touchpad on the right-hand side. It is equipped with an LED backlight that can switch between red, green, and blue. The keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it connects to your device via a USB dongle. There are many different all-in-one keyboard options out there, combining a wireless keyboard with a touchpad.

Which you choose will depend on your preferences and requirements.

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Some of these keyboards are suited to particular applications, like the Logitech K TV, which is optimized for use with smart TVs. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to compliment your body and help you take care of your wrists. Here are some comfortable options. Read More. Your email address will not be published.

TOP 5: Wireless Keyboards with Touchpad

I have to have a touchpad in the middle of the keyboard for the workstation at my job because 20 years of using a mouse was causing problems in my right shoulder. I have to switch hands so the touchpad has to be in the middle. I've tried two Adesso keyboards and they are infuriating.

The touchpad doesn't always work. Sometimes it does crazy things like wipe out my text when I try to hit the exclamation point. I get mad and pound and swear at it. I tried emailing Adesso for help with the first one, but their web site doesn't work and the person who answered the email told me to look on the web site I'd rather not have wireless, that means I have to mess with changing batteries I want it as low-maintenance as possible.

I already spend too much time maintaining machines I've had no problems with it, and I've had it for years. I use it exclusively with my laptop and Samsung monitor. It doesn't have the same functionality with our imac, so I'm considering something else for that. I just don't want to have to spend an arm and a leg.

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Lol,This article was very helpful in providing us with huge collections of items related to wireless all in one keyboards for mac and pc. There is absolutely no better combination than the mac wireless keyboard and the magic trackpad if you are a O sx user.

Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad

Logitech K does indeed work with OS X. They trackpad is buggy on the scrollng two finger bit. It works very well scrolling in windows.

I'd say for using your HDTV as a monitor and get a movie started etc. Thanks for the tip! It works as you described. I agree, too bad it's not persistent, that would be the absolute best. Yes, Windows key maps to command key in terms of functionality. I don't recall doing anything special to make that happen. ClarkGoble wrote: naphini wrote: Does the Windows key map to the command key, or if not, I assume i can map it manually somehow? I guess I didn't have to. Got my computer and the K yesterday, and I'm trying it out. Alt behaves like Option, and the Windows key behaves like Command, no customizing required.

You're right, looks like it does by default. I bought a Logitech diNovo Edge several years back and my complaints are identical to the K complaints above: decent keyboard; garbage trackpad. Quote: While the overall feel of the keyboard portion and the build quality is good, the trackpad does not work that well on Mac OS. The touch pad has the "tap to click" functionality enabled and it is too sensitive. Since there is no Mac OS driver for this, there is no way to disable or finetune this behaviour.

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  • 1. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus!

Hopefully Logitech will release a driver that will fix this. Best wireless keyboard with trackpad for a mac? Tribus: the virtue of a thing is inversely proportional to its distance from Minnesota. Jago wrote:. ClarkGoble wrote:.

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Any BT keyboard is fine. Any non-Apple trackpad is garbage. I really wish I'd wised up and bought this when I had the chance: Jago wrote:. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. While the overall feel of the keyboard portion and the build quality is good, the trackpad does not work that well on Mac OS. Posted: Tue Nov 18, am. Posted: Tue Nov 18, pm.