External bluray drive for mac thunderbolt

Works great 4 years later. I have read the reviews and decided to buy this unit anyway. I love this drive.

I play video di I have read the reviews and decided to buy this unit anyway. I play video disks and I read disks and I burn disks. It plays dvds which have commercially available movies printed on them. I have hundreds of movies a It plays dvds which have commercially available movies printed on them.

Apple USB SuperDrive

I have hundreds of movies as well as season series. All NTSC format. I also print my own movies in NTSC format. So a very long movie may only play the first layer. If the movie is on two disks. Yes, but not until iPadOS 13 arrives. Answer now Can I hook it up to my iPad Pro?

Are there any Thunderbolt 2 external DVD drives? - Ask Different

Only works on the Macs that do not have a built in SuperDrives. Answer now will the usb superdrive work on all macbook pros. Like the previous USB SuperDrive this one is only designed to work with computers that do not have o Like the previous USB SuperDrive this one is only designed to work with computers that do not have one built in. More Read full answer.

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Answer now Will this work on the new 13" Mac Book Pro? The new 13" MacBook Pro does not have Retina. Browse all. Shop by Product. Shop by Category.

LG Portable Blu-ray Writer Unboxing and How to use with a MacBook

Add to Bag. Need some help? Contact us. Opens in a new window. Product Information. Tech Specs. System Requirements. This programming is based in the Java programming language, and you must have software on your MacBook Pro that decodes it properly for the movie to play.

You also need a driver that allows an external Blu-ray player to communicate with your Mac. When shopping for external Blu-ray drives, read the technical specifications carefully to ensure your MacBook has the proper hardware and software, and that the drive's included software driver will work on a Mac.

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If you can't find an external Blu-ray drive that works with your MacBook's operating system, you still have options. Once you install Windows in Boot Camp, you may be able to connect an external Blu-ray drive designed for Windows, but compatibility with the hardware can still be an issue, so contact the manufacturer to find out if they offer support for the drive in Boot Camp. MacBook Pro laptops feature unibody construction, meaning the computers are machined out of a single piece of aluminum.

This construction does not contain any user-interchangeable parts, so it is not possible to swap out the included SuperDrive for a Blu-ray internal drive. Attempting to do so will void any warranty on the computer and may damage the hardware or software.

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The 6 Best External Bluray Drives. Best High-End. Best Mid-Range. Best Inexpensive. Onboard cable storage day money-back guarantee Instructions aren't very clear. Cloud backup for android devices Fast writing speeds The eject button is finicky. Slim design maximizes desktop space Backwards compatible with usb 2 It's on the pricey side.

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Very quiet operation Jamless playback mode It is easy to set up. OWC Mercury Pro. Supports m-disc format Sturdy aluminum chassis 1-year limited warranty. Powered by a usb connection Attractive silver color Ideal for use with macs. Zipping Toward Obsolescence Click here to see our 1 pick.