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Guys, this is somethin g new! Great feature set, functional and the graphical is outstanding, check it out! All works as advertised. Pros: Great support team. Impressive functional. Cons: crude Android app More. Great for those who need a stable and easy-to-operate CCTV software.. Absolutely agree that Xeoma is equally apt both for beginners and security professionals. Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface it is way more easier to use than many other good and powerful, but too complicated security software products.

In my case the great number of Xeoma functions allowed me to set the security system in several steps! And I am quite far from all this IT stuff. I just needed a system that will work stably and be easy to operate by myself. And I do not care how it actually does it. I need a result.

Free IP Camera Software For Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones

And I get it with Xeoma, so far. Pros: user interface.


Cons: maybe some archive settings like rotating the image Android client its too crude More. Do you recommend it? I love the idea of using the camera on your Mac as a secret security camera! Very discreet, and with the ability to upload files straight to dropbox it means that even if your laptop is stolen you have evidence.

Any movement near your Mac triggers a photo or video 3.

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One of the most advanced and feature-rich surveillance apps we've seen, including streaming 4. Simple features but the time-lapse video lets you see everything that's been going on 5. The app is free but of course you need to splash out on the hardware… A brilliant app to monitor multiple cameras - however you have to buy an OpenEye camera first!

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Who's been using your Mac whilst you've been away? Caught in the act! Monitor several rooms at once with Third EYE Upload the pictures to Dropbox and check remotely who's been on your computer Tags home security home surveillance secure mac security. You may also like. Mac Apps Upgrade your Spotlight searches with Alfred 7 months ago.

About the author. View All Posts. Click here to post a comment. OpenGL libraries 3. Kdevelop 3 To build the project: import with Kdevelop 3 and build this should generate Makefiles, missing template headers and demo binary. This projet is an unfinished game project of mine I started in It features a hand made. This emulator VBS script is a software video recorder with automatic control of the free space on the disk space to logging and cyclic capture of video streams in MPG format from sources such as the IP network camera , desktop, WEB- camera or any other DirectShow-device your OS.

At the end of the emulator merges all video content in a single file with thinning frames for fast viewing. Capabilities: 1. Cyclical checking free space on a given disk. If there is a place on the disk, run You can connect to Raspberrys located in your home network using a private domain without annoying router configuration. All services, also not http, are available from everywhere. Moreover all ip camera in the private network are easily and automatically available. Motion jpeg web server is available if camera module is present.

For install: 1 copy rasp4you. Vision2u offers a free image processing software for personal use and research. Primary tasks of the image processing can be realized during simple operation of the software.

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  8. Every Web cam owner can have simplest measuring, counting or tasks of monitoring done without high capital outlays. Simple IP Camera recording and motion detection. You seem to have CSS turned off.

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