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This will list all the flv files you have. What you should see is a flv file with the same name as the 'v' component of the youtube url you downloaded. You can do direct downloads for Ubuntu Search and open 'Youtube to MP3' via dash or another launcher. Copy the Youtube video URL from the browser to your clipboard and paste it into the application by clicking the 'Paste link' button on the top-left corner.

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It's close but I think the fact that it is specifically looking for an mp3 makes it different enough. In most cases you can download m4a or webm without conversion. I'm voting to reopen this question because the linked question is quite different, doesn't have any answers and goes into a chain of duplicate questions that don't address audio extraction of Youtube videos. Download and Convert from other Sources Listenvid can also convert or download Facebook videos, Instagram videos, Dailymotion videos, Vimeo videos and VKontakte videos.

Don't get stuck with one site find your favorite videos and download them with our other sources as well. How to use Listenvid YouTube Converter?

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Copy the url of the video you want to convert 2. Paste the url in the conversion box 3. Note that these format codes are extractor specific. You can also use a file extension currently 3gp , aac , flv , m4a , mp3 , mp4 , ogg , wav , webm are supported to download the best quality format of a particular file extension served as a single file, e. For example, to download the worst quality video-only format you can use -f worstvideo.

If you want to download multiple videos and they don't have the same formats available, you can specify the order of preference using slashes.

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Note that slash is left-associative, i. If you want to download several formats of the same video use a comma as a separator, e. Any string comparison may be prefixed with negation! Note that none of the aforementioned meta fields are guaranteed to be present since this solely depends on the metadata obtained by particular extractor, i. Formats for which the value is not known are excluded unless you put a question mark? Since the end of April and version If ffmpeg or avconv are installed this results in downloading bestvideo and bestaudio separately and muxing them together into a single file giving the best overall quality available.

Otherwise it falls back to best and results in downloading the best available quality served as a single file. Note that if you use youtube-dl to stream to stdout and most likely to pipe it to your media player then , i. If you want to preserve the old format selection behavior prior to youtube-dl You may want to add it to the configuration file in order not to type it every time you run youtube-dl. Note that in the last example, an output template is recommended as bestvideo and bestaudio may have the same file name. Videos can be filtered by their upload date using the options --date , --datebefore or --dateafter.

They accept dates in two formats:. If you've followed our manual installation instructions , you can simply run youtube-dl -U or, on Linux, sudo youtube-dl -U.

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If you have used pip, a simple sudo pip install -U youtube-dl is sufficient to update. If you have installed youtube-dl using a package manager like apt-get or yum , use the standard system update mechanism to update. Note that distribution packages are often outdated.

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As a rule of thumb, youtube-dl releases at least once a month, and often weekly or even daily. Unfortunately, there is nothing we youtube-dl developers can do if your distribution serves a really outdated version. You can and should complain to your distribution in their bugtracker or support forum. As a last resort, you can also uninstall the version installed by your package manager and follow our manual installation instructions.

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For that, remove the distribution's package, with a line like. Afterwards, simply follow our manual installation instructions :. YouTube changed their playlist format in March and later on, so you'll need at least youtube-dl If you have installed youtube-dl with a package manager, pip, setup. Note that Ubuntu packages do not seem to get updated anymore. Since we are not affiliated with Ubuntu, there is little we can do. Feel free to report bugs to the Ubuntu packaging people - all they have to do is update the package to a somewhat recent version.

See above for a way to update.

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Make sure you are not using -o with any of these options -t , --title , --id , -A or --auto-number set in command line or in a configuration file. Remove the latter if any. By default, youtube-dl intends to have the best options incidentally, if you have a convincing case that these should be different, please file an issue where you explain that. Therefore, it is unnecessary and sometimes harmful to copy long option strings from webpages. In particular, the only option out of -citw that is regularly useful is -i. Most people asking this question are not aware that youtube-dl now defaults to downloading the highest available quality as reported by YouTube, which will be p or p in some cases, so you no longer need the -b option.

For some specific videos, maybe YouTube does not report them to be available in a specific high quality format you're interested in. In that case, simply request it with the -f option and youtube-dl will try to download it. On some sites - most notably YouTube - videos can be retrieved in a higher quality format without sound. Videos or video formats streamed via RTMP protocol can only be downloaded when rtmpdump is installed. Once the video is fully downloaded, use any video player, such as mpv , vlc or mplayer. It depends a lot on the service. Use the --cookies option to write the required cookies into a file, and advise your downloader to read cookies from that file.

Some sites also require a common user agent to be used, use --dump-user-agent to see the one in use by youtube-dl. It may be beneficial to use IPv6; in some cases, the restrictions are only applied to IPv4. Some services sometimes only for a subset of videos do not restrict the video URL by IP address, cookie, or user-agent, but these are the exception rather than the rule. If you are using -g , your own downloader must support these as well. If you want to play the video on a machine that is not running youtube-dl, you can relay the video content from the machine that runs youtube-dl.

You can use -o - to let youtube-dl stream a video to stdout, or simply allow the player to download the files written by youtube-dl in turn. YouTube has switched to a new video info format in July which is not supported by old versions of youtube-dl. See above for how to update youtube-dl. YouTube requires an additional signature since September which is not supported by old versions of youtube-dl. That's actually the output from your shell. Since ampersand is one of the special shell characters it's interpreted by the shell preventing you from passing the whole URL to youtube-dl.

To disable your shell from interpreting the ampersands or any other special characters you have to either put the whole URL in quotes or escape them with a backslash which approach will work depends on your shell. In February , the new YouTube player contained a character sequence in a string that was misinterpreted by old versions of youtube-dl.

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These two error codes indicate that the service is blocking your IP address because of overuse. Contact the service and ask them to unblock your IP address, or - if you have acquired a whitelisted IP address already - use the --proxy or --source-address options to select another IP address.

Since June youtube-dl is packed as an executable zipfile, simply unzip it might need renaming to youtube-dl. To recompile the executable, run make youtube-dl. If you put youtube-dl and ffmpeg in the same directory that you're running the command from, it will work, but that's rather cumbersome. From then on, after restarting your shell, you will be able to access both youtube-dl and ffmpeg and youtube-dl will be able to find ffmpeg by simply typing youtube-dl or ffmpeg , no matter what directory you're in. If you want this for all of your downloads, put the option into your configuration file.

In order to extract cookies from browser use any conforming browser extension for exporting cookies. For example, cookies. Passing cookies to youtube-dl is a good way to workaround login when a particular extractor does not implement it explicitly. YouTube, CloudFlare. You will first need to tell youtube-dl to stream media to stdout with -o - , and also tell your media player to read from stdin it must be capable of this for streaming and then pipe former to latter. For example, streaming to vlc can be achieved with:. Use download-archive feature.

Each subsequent run with the same --download-archive will download only new videos and skip all videos that have been downloaded before. Note that only successful downloads are recorded in the file. Each subsequent run will only download new videos if any:. When youtube-dl detects an HLS video, it can download it either with the built-in downloader or ffmpeg. When youtube-dl knows that one particular downloader works better for a given website, that downloader will be picked.

Otherwise, youtube-dl will pick the best downloader for general compatibility, which at the moment happens to be ffmpeg. In particular, the generic extractor used when your website is not in the list of supported sites by youtube-dl cannot mandate one specific downloader. If you put either --hls-prefer-native or --hls-prefer-ffmpeg into your configuration, a different subset of videos will fail to download correctly. Instead, it is much better to file an issue or a pull request which details why the native or the ffmpeg HLS downloader is a better choice for your use case.

As a matter of policy as well as legality , youtube-dl does not include support for services that specialize in infringing copyright. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot easily find a video that the service is quite obviously allowed to distribute i. A note on the service that they don't host the infringing content, but just link to those who do, is evidence that the service should not be included into youtube-dl. The same goes for any DMCA note when the whole front page of the service is filled with videos they are not allowed to distribute.

A "fair use" note is equally unconvincing if the service shows copyright-protected videos in full without authorization. Support requests for services that do purchase the rights to distribute their content are perfectly fine though. If in doubt, you can simply include a source that mentions the legitimate purchase of content. Also known as: Help, my important issue not being solved! The youtube-dl core developer team is quite small.

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While we do our best to solve as many issues as possible, sometimes that can take quite a while. To speed up your issue, here's what you can do:. First of all, please do report the issue at our issue tracker. That allows us to coordinate all efforts by users and developers, and serves as a unified point.

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Unfortunately, the youtube-dl project has grown too large to use personal email as an effective communication channel. Please read the bug reporting instructions below. A lot of bugs lack all the necessary information. If you can, offer proxy, VPN, or shell access to the youtube-dl developers. If you are able to, test the issue from multiple computers in multiple countries to exclude local censorship or misconfiguration issues.

Feel free to bump the issue from time to time by writing a small comment "Issue is still present in youtube-dl version Please do not declare your issue as important or urgent. For one, have a look at the list of supported sites. In that case, simply report a bug. It is not possible to detect whether a URL is supported or not. That's because youtube-dl contains a generic extractor which matches all URLs. You may be tempted to disable, exclude, or remove the generic extractor, but the generic extractor not only allows users to extract videos from lots of websites that embed a video from another service, but may also be used to extract video from a service that it's hosting itself.