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Enter your email address below:. Any ideas here? My settings were already like that in Lion also.

WMV File Player for Mac: Elmedia Player Depicts Its Best Features

Thanks to this while I was in the dialog box I checked out the other options. In the Mission Control settings I found the way to customize swithcing between desktops similar to Spaces. Very cool. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Lisen says:. April 25, at am. JulesD says:. January 26, at am. Nathan Sady says:. September 10, at pm. Using a wheel mouse works as well, but with limitations. The mouse cannot be hovering over a movie or video entry box the darker gray box. Only the narrow and light gray areas left and right from the movie or video entry boxes, works. Note : I tested the database speed and the display of entries with 5, dummy files and that worked amazingly fast.

Keep in mind though that scanning such a large amount of files might take a bit. After all, each video file needs to be opened and analyzed. The Windows and Linux versions looks nearly identical. Please note that the information provided depends on a lot of factors, not the least how the video file was encoded. If at the time of encoding incorrect or incomplete information was entered, unexpected results might be shown. MovieScanner or better said: ffprobe does look at subtitles, but only at subtitles embedded in the video file. As you can see below: plenty information is recovered from the files.

When you hover your mouse over one of these items, additional information will be made visible right column. Note : As of version v1. Donations are very much appreciated, but not required. Donations will be used for web-hosting expenses, project hardware or a motivational boost a drink or snack. Thank you very much for those have donated already!

It's truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our articles and small applications. There are comments. You can read them below.

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You can post your own comments by using the form below , or reply to existing comments by using the "Reply" button. Have you noticed what file it was processing when the error occurred? Can you go to the MovieScanner directory, and try the following command and post the results here:.

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Sorry … I should have added the redirect to a dump file, so you can open dump. I just release version 1. The windows stays empty whatever the movie I add whatever the way I add them. I just downloaded the program and tried to run it under OS X Maverick gate keep enabled to only run signed apps, but ocerwritten with right-click and open. The program started, but I got multiple message stating that it could not open the database file. Thank you for the feedback! Same problem under both Initially I created the directory structure manually and touch created the db to try to resolve the issue but then got a table error.

Then I found this thread. Deleted the empty db and not it worked fine on Mavericks, created the directory structure on the Good and bad news — I have been able to reproduce the problem. It appears GateKeeper related …. I had to move the file to an Apple compliant location. Please feel free to test v1. Option to display foldername instead of movie name.

Should sort on this too. Search functionality could work better as a filter instead. I would do the filtering upon every key stroke instead of having to press enter to see the effect. Filtering on different aspects than only title could be helpful. For example; all p movies, all movies with soundtrack with specific language, all movies with HD sound, etc. I add a nfo file to every rip I make containing the imdb url to the movie.

You could do the same. This would allow for independant title, even localized and stuff like posters, plots, actors etc. Again search and filtering for this new info would be useful. Features for editing the movies. For example if I have ripped too many audio streams or subtitles, I go in there to fix it. The interface is not that usable, but if you make integration it could be very nice to just delete the stuff in the GUI and have it work on the files in the background. Instead of 6 channels, 8 channels.

How to play WMV on Mac: step by step instruction:

Search and filtering support also. I understand that this is probably reported by ffmpeg, but it is incorrect. Software as MediaInfo can display this correctly and I thought newer ffmpeg could too. Something to look into. So keep up the good work and please consider my suggestions. Thanks for the great feedback! As for the time issue: could you try the new version, and if it fails, would you be able to send me example output from ffprobe in the directory of MovieScanner? I would also really like to be able to sort by language, or if we could add modifiers to the search… I would really like to look at a folder with several thousand files and find all the files that are NOT in a specific language… so like maybe search by specified language, or a check box to search by the opposite, so NOT specified language.

To make this function just download the MovieScanner for your Windows or Mac OS X to process, and select the file folder or a movie file. In few second the list of metadata files will display as movie clips, aspect ratio, pixel, audio files and file running time. This simple tool will allow to search preferred title on your storage via Search box. Everything MovieScanner will search for you. Unfortunately these prepared attributes are usually left empty and need to be defined by some smart application. Can you make movie scanner to fill those attributes on the fly while analyzing?

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I like it …! Windows Media Player e. MovieScanner was posted on LifeHacker …. Add a settings page where user can add and remove folders to be monitored. Removed folders should be deleted from database. I still have runtimes of Might be related to me using UNC paths when scanning? I can send you sample output where duration is only available under the [format] section. I have not looked in sqlapi database, but I guess you store a hash for each movie file? I think combination of folder and file details would be good.

So that a file which size, name or datetime changes, is re-read. What version of MovieScanner did you download?

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Yes, I did mean 8. Wonder what went wrong earlier…. Thank you very much for the info! Seems the problem still exists. Another issue I had was that the subtitles it picks up as of now only seem to be. I have a few movies where the subs are. Also, TV shows with srts dont show subs at all.

Currently MovieScanner only looks at sub titles that are embedded in the video file. But I agree that it could be great to identify which ones do not have certain subs yet. They show up along with the language of the sub. Could you try changing the access rights of the moviescanner. I tried movie. Could you try a movie after you temporary removed the SRT files? I prefer displaying their size uniformly in MiB ie. I find this more convenient in listings and essential when importing tables into Excel e.

Only the storage media industry keeps blowing up their nominal storage capacity by selling us real physical MB and GB instead of the GiB we have in mind. When it comes to playback time, I agree that adding the seconds could be good. Which would still work with sorting since 20 sec would still sort before 1 hour and 20 sec , and most users prefer the hours instead of all minutes.

I could additionally add to the export a separate field with seconds as well — let me know if that would be useful. This will might possibly one of the last updates for MovieScanner. Based on the enthusiasm and feedback thanks! I am currently working on a more advanced successor for MovieScanner. Thanks Matthew! I never thought that a little tool like this, which I wrote for personal use on MacOS X as well , would be downloaded so many times.

Best wishes and a great for you too! I was planning of using Lazarus 1. No worries — believe me, my coding is not anything to boast about.

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Appreciate you thinking about it, though. Good luck with the move! Every time I download the Windows package it says that the Archive is corrupt when I try to extract it. Here's part of the output I get when with the command on an mp4 file named forest. BrunoFrechette BrunoFrechette 51 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. If it's helpful, here's a little script to output the filename and length for all the MP4s in a specific directory:!

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