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I only speaka da Hip-Hoppa: feat. See the playlist Listen: February 26, Bryce is Nice. Dedicated to Tony D R. D'z Nutts Show feat. Interview Background beats by Dawg Isht. See the playlist Listen: January 9, Let's get this Friday started, right, quickly. II feat. Dusky Diana, Kosha Dillz and hip-hop flutist Adina. September 19, Jeffrey Cobb filled in. See the playlist Listen: July 25, Then what happened?

Live from the Knitting Factory feat. July 4, HotRod filled in. June 27, Scott filled in. June 20, Music to kill yourself by Ken gone! November 16, Bob W filled in. Listen: August 10, Laura Cantrell filled in. August 3, Jeffrey Cobb filled in. July 27, Bob W filled in. June 15, Paper or Plastic? I know. See the playlist Listen: January 12, "Weird N. See the playlist Listen: December 8, Yes indeedy I wrote graffiti on the bus!

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Listen: November 24, underground - Serengeti, Beatboxer Ent. See the playlist Listen: September 16, Acapulco Rodriguez filled in. I long for news of you all - but there is a mail in tomorrow so mayhap I'll hear then. Do hope the body? Timaru NZ Katherine Julius arrived a fortnight ago today and today I take my precious infant home! I'm longing to see Edward's face when confronted by his little sister - I believe he has been wild with delight.

He wanted a sister so much more than a brother and so of course did Harry - a daughter. Dear old boy he has been housekeeping for himself for nearly 4 weeks since I had to come to hospital a fortnight before the infant was born. However he seems to have managed very well and I hope he has got his hand well in in domestic affairs because I've got no help at all and I expect the going will be fairly hard for a while.

I'm fortunate in having another placid baby and one that is making good progress. K is a copper top like me - a funny little scrap at the moment but so was Edward at the same age and now he is huge. I hope we will be able to have some snaps taken ere long. I'm so glad you're pretty jacket will adorn a little girl - so much more appropriate isn't it? It's wonderful to think of you all living in peace again may it not be long before your rations are restored.

It will make a vast difference now that the Japs are defeated and there will be more ships available for taking our meat and butter and cheese. I do hope you are happily settled in your new home with your own things around you. How glad you must be to have a home again - the shortage is acute everywhere but must be particularly bad in England. We were vastly interested in your elections - you have a far better government than ours, you know Much love from all Margo Written on three parts of a New Zealand Airmail Letter Card , franked Timaru with an 8d Tuatara stamp on it.

Miss Fenn 17 College Rd Cheltenham Glos England Gleniti Timaru 11 January Dear Adria Many thanks indeed for your kind wishes and calendar, we tried to give old Van a real family Christmas and I think succeeded in so doing, but he didn't get any turkey, a rare commodity out here; however the kids roused him up bright and early, but that didn't matter as he was helping out at early H.

You really have a wonderful "flair" for picking presents for the children, "real winners" Edward calls them and that's mighty high praise. Van loves picnics; so now the holidays are on, we jaunt out into the country or to the sea side when the weather tempts us; so far our spring and summer have been rather cold and wet. Best of good wishes for the New Year from all the Fenn family and love from us all Your affectionate brother Harry Greetings to you both and many thanks for your letter Margo All letters written on three sides of a New Zealand Air Letter Form franked Timaru.

How I envy you your second hand bookshops in Cheltenham - I do love browsing amongst old books and things. I had some glorious "pokes" at the Caledonian market while I was in England but of course never made any real "finds". It was awfully good of you to entertain Miss Ford as you did. She was most grateful for your hospitality. How we laughed at your choice of the word "patient" to describe the spate of words that flows from her kind old lips! They are both of the deaf now - and anyway not particularly interested.

Both old brothers are flourishing and both working hard - H. Only another 10 days or so till that plaster comes off his arm and I imagine he'll be pleased as its a heavy thing to lug around with him I expect Van told you that he'd fractured his wrist at school. I do hope you're having a lovely spring and will have a perfect summer. It's like Midsummer here at present.

Margot wrote to her son, travelling in the North Island, on the occasion of his 21st birthday Hadlow No 4 R. Sunday 17th of Sep Dear old Boy, Do hope this will be in the letter rack awaiting you at Dargaville, it's difficult to judge the mailing times but I trust you will have a note from me tomorrow on your arrival at Russell. It was grand hearing from Eine. I expect you were nearly as pleased to see her as she to see you and she certainly wrote plenty - wrote again later the same day Wednesday, when she got home from a trip to the Levin and opened the suitcase - dear old Eine - she thought you were a "lovely boy" so you are when you're asleep.

We'll be bombarding you with telegrams on Wednesday so I'll not say more than "don't paint Dargaville too pink" - remember you're a Fenn and a gentleman. The old Fenn is being moderately good, the old devil gave me a lot of work and anxiety yesterday when I had to bulldoze him out of the drain full of stinking water - pooh near to the cattle trough.

It was a case of monkey brand and soft soap and clean clothes to the bare skin but he is sweet smelling now. Lots of fun at Don Pitt's, he is negotiating for the farm that belonged to Maurice Harper at the Levels and Norman Verity ex-butcher is keen on Don's house here. Life is never dull round these parts.

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Dad and I had just returned from a tea party at Fred Smiths - it's a grey cold day here but they had a good fire on, and a luscious pavlova cake, so we enjoyed ourselves very much. Now K and I are going to church. A large parcel came for you from Sydney parts for a radio set I imagine - it had been opened for examination - some more exam papers and the notice for an army parade today - that's all so far. Mate is pawing the ground at my feet being perfectly adorable. I know he'd send dodgy good wishes to his old "nunky" Ed for his 21st. The time seems to have flown since Tuesday I hope it hasn't gone so fast for you.

I also hope that you're getting some good colour pictures. No news of any of your friends - in fact there's no news about these parts and Dad is wondering how I managed to fill two pages. I'll stop now and get the tea. Hope you're enjoying yourself as much as I'm not. All the best for the 20th.

Love Kay. My dear Adria, Kay tells me she is writing to you to so I won't say too much since her mind is much clearer than mine at the moment. Our dear old Harry went to his well deserved rest on Monday the sixth Epiphany after a period of unconsciousness that really prepared us for the end - the beginning of his glorious life. What a wonderful thing it is to think off - Kay said he looked so lovely and peaceful when she is went to see him. His funeral service was yesterday taken by his old friend and vicar in Timaru days - Archdeacon Plaistow our vicar was away RP prepared Kay for confirmation so I know he would be a help to her and he was to everyone else there from all accounts since he dwelt on Harry's faithfulness - especially to his church and as they were mostly old friend's present although not necessarily old in years it was well received.

Then most after came here for tea and I was able to have a word with everyone It was a happy occasion in all loving talk of "old Fenny" And rejoicing at his peace after pain. I've had to stay in bed with this jolly painful face that is the legacy after shingles. The doctor says it could last several months so I'm not going to risk getting a chill if I can. It's heaven having kind little Kay here but her very presence adds as an incentive to my getting well. Edward has rung several times from Suva and Joan came down for the night on Sunday the fifth returned next day.

Looking so well and with number two little Fenn. My eye is very painful so I'll leave K to write more fully. We shall miss our loved one sharn't we but how we rejoice in his new life. Fondest love Margo. Jan Thank you for your letter this morning, love you were not feeling a mite home sick where you?

I can't imagine you were, or worried about me? Cos you don't need to be. Naturally I miss having you about I'd not be honest if I said otherwise that I'm never a moper as you NO and will thought of you and Pootles being together fills me with joy. Be sure to make the call when you get the phone - collect to me it's almost the only thing I can do for you at present but I've been planning to do a couple of cases of tomatoes for you later on Im sure you'll need the vitamins to help you combat the cold especially later and I can do them very easily in the Vacola so sweetest when you were thinking of Harvey buying me fruit and veggies our thoughts were very closely linked bless your kind little heart and his the dear.

Molly Keith is very good. I've been there to lunch again today and to the library first jolly good of her, love to you both from them both. Sue departs for Wellington tomorrow poor lamb the unknown school can be a bogey but I hope things will work out well for her Michael hasn't written since he left home to get to Cambridge eventually. I'm very glad you and E have more imagination and think of the "little white-haired mother o mine" looking for a letter and receiving one with joy.

This doesn't tie you down you know but oddly enough as I know, it is one of the things I'm gladdest of all that I did for my family and Daddy while I could. Oh a confession - I might have known had I thought for a moment that I wouldn't have two letters from Suva in a week but I was so thrilled to see your writing and Joans that at first went ahead and opened both - silly me glad I am not Mata Hari!

No harm came can come and I've given them your address. What a bargain you've got in your dining table and chairs, this one was very expensive for a mear make up type of wood and it does scratch dear and I'm afraid there is no remedy for a proper scratch. The value of this "wood" is that it doesn't stain or show heat marks a wipe over with wet or dry cloth is enough so Sweetie I can't help you unless you got a proper wood can't remember names at the moment I am sorry to say Cedar etc need special care, what kind of bedroom furniture have you got and living room?

You've not told me anything of furnishings yet and what of curtains and floor coverings? I imagine the flats are quite new? Oh I'm so thrilled for you to have a nice home to share with your P and to entertain from. Barbara was here briefly on Friday and wants me to go back with them when school starts I probably will tho HOME and quiet still exert their magic and I'm never lonely or.

Frank and Sally asked to share a leg o pork tonight but knowing of his lunches I refused, and sure enough I've no appetite left, and such delectability would be wasted on me! Have you chosen your wedding photos yet? I think they're lovely but I'm happy with my little coloured ones. Everyone asks for you - so kind and unobtrusive with their gifts of food, NO news here you ken but I like to dribble on Fondest love my dear two - from your loving M Margot spoke little of her faith except to those who shared it, the following is a glimpse of that part of her life.

Written by Mrs Evans and published in the "Franciscan" In June , after eight years of suffering, Margot Fenn died in the home of friends in Fairlie. Her face was alight with excitement and joy as she had not known until the advertisement for the meeting that there had been any friars in New Zealand, though since she had been in touch with Cerne Abbas. Brother Geoffrey was admittigg some Companions on this occasion and I asked her if she would care to become one too. Her answer was symbolid sic of Margot's total generosity to God "Oh no, Third Order or nothing for me.

It is hard to write of her, but that God accepted. Almost as soon as she had become a novice Tertiary it was found that she had leukaemia, and the doctors said she two weeks to live. From then on the fight for health was on and how the devil fought back and tried to overwhelm Margot's courageous spirit.

But throughout N. As the years passed and both Harry and Margot became weaker one could only wonder at the way she was able to lift her husband in and out of his chair and continue nursing him but still the same joy and love for others was shared there and by letter. The marriage of their son and the birth of their first grandchild were doubly appreciated as a blessing they might not have lived to see. Things were not the same after Harry's death, which came at a time of even greater pain for Margo, but she grew in love for Christ and all his children.

She radiated love her parish priest. Of her great courage, hopefulness and cheerfulness one can speak with the utmost conviction these are surely marks of a Christ like life. And she never moaned about it. One of those folks who make me feel very humble. Her intercession list was huge and truly embraced all men and those of every branch of the Church.

How grateful she was to be allowed to live to see the wedding of her beloved daughter, to see the Friars safely established in N. The last month of, her life she stayed with close friends in Fairlie in great peace with them, finally our Lord came to her in a special way before, upheld by the prayer of these friends she died in her sleep. May she and her husband rest in peace, and all of us be grateful for her life and friendship. Fairlie 9. It is a valued addition to my collection and a happy reminder of birthday 63 and of Edward's visit to us.

Thank you again my dear old fellow for all you did for us - driving us about and above all for the gargantuan job of clearing out the garage. It was jolly good of you. I hope the trip back was uneventful, Joan Wood wrote that she went to the airport to see you. She is very fond of our family and very good to me. I hope I'll hear soon that Kay reached Invercargill uneventfully, I most thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Geraldine with you old son. What a lovely day it was and both days here have been the same.

Lloyd went off to join his farmers party yesterday at 8 a. They hope to visit prosperous farms in Otago and Southland before returning on Thursday. It is gloriously calm and peaceful here Barbara goes round the sheep and feeds the stock while I sit blissfully in the sun and catch up with my correspondence. I've found this awful envelope amongst my papers so I'm using it up, it was probably written from hospital, where I was considerably less well than I am now - I'm no great chop even now and my walking ability and general strength is still a lot below par.

Still, when I think of the clinic doctors and their general astonishment, I feel I'm jolly lucky and I am certainly not complaining. Fairlie is as lovely as ever - the whole house is warm - my bed is wonderful and I awake in in the morning with the sun melting the hoarfrost of my bedroom windows. There after I follow the sun around till nearly 5 o'clock when it is finished for the day.

It was lovely to see your house plans and may it not be long ere you are all united under its roof. I hope N. It was wonderful having you and Kay here together, Ed to talk things over. Thank you for all you did under that heading too.

I can imagine what a welcome home you got on Tuesday, especially from the children. I hope all had gone well in the firm and that it will continue to prosper. Nothing has happened here of note - but I do want to thank you both for your unselfishness and love. It is a thing to treasure and I do. Bless you, dears and love to you all Mother F One of the last letter's Margot wrote, in a very unsteady hand.

Mother died very peacefully Saturday 27th writing soon. Medical Notes:. Margot whose cancer caused severe anaemia was a patient of an oncology researcher, Dr Guntz at Christchurch Hospital NZ, she was part of an early program developing chemotherapy. Other Records. Marjorie Barker: NZ and in Europe, Marjorie Fenn's Diary Transcribed by her son - Note this diary has been transcribed using error ridden voice recognition technology.

Christmas Day 25 Dec Such a happy day my dear ones Dos and Eileen to lunch much joy over mother's presence on couch for lunch she has strained her ankle listen to good radio tonight. Tuesday 28 Dec To Brooklands in a. Mr Pike took me for a long drive in pm to see Barbara Knight and Jock H latter was not in but rang me later - sounds awfully fit.

To Onehunga at night. Mr Barkers house 13 Ferryhill Road Mt Eden is great fun the frigidaire shakes the whole house and interrupts my sleep otherwise all is well. Sunday 2 of January A topping day - to Mission Bay in a. Tuesday 4 January To Whaka in a. Wednesday 5 January Awfully wet - Bathed in Lake and drove about, our cabin is great fun and most comfortable better than camping to see Merle C. Thursday 6 January Left early for Huntersville gorgeous day and scenery miles odd. Hillman's did not like the Rangitaiki roads arrived 7 pm all feeling pretty dished.

Eine and family well, 1st visit to new farm Friday 7 January Hillman's left early am. Awfully hot here - busy all day - men are haymaking. Eine has sore feet and is pretty miserable - will not be able to go home tomorrow. Saturday 8 January Eine has 2 septic corns and is pretty worn out. Dr called, Eines toes still pretty messy - has erysipelas in one leg Monday 10 January Not going home today Tok H starts for year 17th 11 January - 16 January no entries.

Monday 17 January Keim? Friday 21 January To town for most of the day planted crocuses at Karori a nice gardener gave me rock plants and a promise of Autumn crocuses. Saturday 22 January Betts birthday - mother is still in bed but improving. Back to toil after dinner, several retreatants had arrived - oh hell Sunday 23 January To church 8 am awfully wet so had church in Chapel at night - Grr Monday 24 January 8 people here for retreat went visiting to Mrs Crawford in pm saw beautiful carving and needlework.

Tuesday 25 January To town in pm - saw shipping people and definitely booked by Tainui on March 30 gardened in a. M came at am what a life! Nice crowd this time 23 of them. Went home at night Saturday 29 January Busy day but enjoying these people. How I loathe it - most of crowd departed. Gardened in extreme heat so as to avoid visitors - bad tempers rife. Wednesday 2 February Builders in possession Miss Nicholls to lunch to town later Thursday 3 February Mrs Ward head to lunch a nice soul in trouble several folk to tea in pm Friday 4 February Day off - what joy gardened and messed about at home - got mother up - she can walk a little now.

Sunday 6 February Bishop celebrated for Toc H service - a busy day. Boys help me with dishes. They left 7 pm. Monday 7 February Miss Compton Smith arrived early and we went over things together a nice girl. Took my leave with much regret before lunch. Robbie rang at night. Good to be home. Tuesday 8 February To town to collect rent etc got form for passport met Sr Milne did some shopping Wednesday 9 February Gardened and went through my positions.

Thursday 10 February Doss came for lunch and I went to town with her - shopped and bought a hat. Mother up more and walking a little. Sir Truby King died - John S called a. Friday 11 February Poured so no gardening but mended and sorted my clothes. Happy day with mother.

Hillman's called - Phil Hillman rang. Saturday 12 February A busy day - rained - took Mr Rait for walk p. Sunday 13 February Slept in a. Hillman's came at 7 pm and took mother and me for a topping drive mother's first outing for ages. Uneventful busy day at home mother walked round the estate and was very thrilled with herself Wednesday 16 February Went to dressmaker p. Tea with Mrs McMillan. Thursday 17 February. To town pm and much shopping accomplished - how I loathe it. Margaret G came early p. Rained hard so stayed home all day Hillman came at night and took mother and me for a drive to Eastbourne had a cup of tea with them later Monday 21 February Doss and Nan flew to Nelson.

Picked me up at railway station pm and I went with them to Raumati. The house is great with all its additions early to bed. Nan's baby is a pet, will weekend with them if possible before I sail. Wednesday 23 February. Returned to town had a lovely shopping day with Dossie. Latter came to Hutt with me for tea and returned later. Thursday 24 February Bet went to blind picnic at Paekakariki so mother and I had a happy day by ourselves John G came for am tea and signed my passport Friday 25 February Gardened hard all day and accomplished much Fellowship at Mrs Williams very good -?

Saturday 26 February Poured - church garden party postponed sewed all day. Stayed in all day D and E both rang finished both sides of my jumper a particularly peaceful nice day. Monday 28 February. Washed and ironed. Tuesday 1 March Said "Rabbits" to town 11 am mother full of beans and we had a happy day. Lunched at Dos and then to "Victoria the Great" an excellent picture mother enjoyed her first outing to town immensely.

Wednesday 2 March Grr! Mother completely knocked out today Dos rang prior to starting on her holiday and wired late from Dannevirke Thursday 3 March Gardened and sewed all day how I am enjoying these days at home. Friday 4 March Doss rang from Napier to Hutt early a. John G and I went for a tramp at night and 8 chocolate biscuits all route. He is going to be ordained on St Patrick's Day. Mac brought my new steamer? Saturday 5 March A good day washed and ironed Bet went to church garden party and Pop to the trots, Mother and I stayed home. Gardened some too, Lou came home at night Sunday 6 March.

Still beastly wind which tires everyone to death. My garden is a weathered ruin. Awful morning arranging this damn jumble sale. Ah me. Mother is feeling so much better. Wednesday 9 March. To Hutt am and to dressmaker. To Joyce at Gays Bay a. To dressmaker at night Friday 11 March. Up betimes to town Tok H jumble sale 9am L3 clear profit besides much fun my 1st experience thereof.

To Mrs Wedekind at night they are dears. Saturday 12 March. A pleasant day at home a telegram from Doss in Auckland meeting Bet to join them later - sewing and gardening a bit Sunday 13 March Corporate Communion of Fellowship 8am Quite a few turned up. Pleasant lazy day. Monday 14 March. Mother's birthday a stunning day May and John came out and L came work.

To Mrs Jamesons at night. Wednesday 16 March.

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Mrs Gillespie came for lunch and p. Thursday 17 March. To lunch with Nell Cullen - a happy day. To dressmaker and Mac came in car and brought us stuff from markets. Fellowship at Mrs Hillman's very pleasant wrote several letters very wet Saturday 19 March A wet day - gardened a good bit. Walked back with Min and returned in time to catch bus Monday 21 March.

Washed and ironed and did some gardening rather wet day Bet went to Toc H and mother and I had a delightful evening together I painted her mantelpiece John G rang and Nell. Tuesday 22 March Robbie came down and we went to the Grand Hotel for dinner. Wednesday 23 March To Miss Penny's pm - collected many cuttings and plants. Hectic morning in town buying boat ticket, finance etc. Thursday 24 March. Friday 25 March. Oxford Group Tok H. Busy day house cleaning etc Eine and Hillman come tomorrow p.

Saturday 26 March. Busy a. Auntie Mabel came out. Eine Allen and family arrived 6 pm. Sunday 27 March. Mr McLeary preached Harvest Festival. To Hillman's for supper most enjoyable Monday 28 March. Washed - Doris came out p. To LWH at night my last - John came and took prayers very beautifully. He had a most hilarious meeting and got soaked coming home. Tuesday 29 March. Mother and I went to John's re-ordination service at night very lovely happy day. Wednesday 30 March. John rang a. Mrs August Jamieson came for tea. To Lenten service nocte then on to Mrs Guy for a party - very pleasant.

To town with mother in a.


Met Doss and did business, out to Karori for lunch. To flicks p. Mrs Hillman and Grant came over with gifts. To town with Mr Taylor to visit Tainui awful old tub. Lunched with T then out to Mr Rait, met wireless operator on Tainui - promises to be nice - fiendishly hot day. Sunday 3 April. St John's Church at night. Awfully hot weather said goodbye to John and Mrs Duncan. Monday 4 April To town and met Doss 9 am shopped and out to Karori home 2 pm. Tuesday 5 April Glad to rise after a sleepless night ship sailed at am glorious day and there appears to be a decent crowd aboard.

My cabin mate is charming. Gained one day I'm feeling better, danced at night Wednesday 6 April Usual round walked ate and slept mainly nothing extraordinary dull. Still rather grey and dull but calm thank God life's damn dull and only 4 days out Friday 8 April. Still feeling rather cold, 4th, and Sparks are only my interest. Saturday 9 April. Things improving - some sun today drill class again livens things up a bit, passengers becoming more friendly Sunday 10 April.

Marjorie Helen Ruth "Margot" BARKER [40]

To church am, taken by a parson passenger no sermon so out by 11am rest of the day exactly as any other. Wrote a good many letters Monday 11 April. Amazing the way the days pass - doing nothing except sleep and eat and an occasional game of quoits thrown in. Not awfully keen on the deck games prefer to have my walk round the deck and then to sleep. Played deck tennis the best of the games, have entered for everything games commence tomorrow Wednesday 13 April Getting much hotter now glad to leave off most things.

Life is not quite so fine Thursday 14 April Awaked 6 am with ships siren announcing our approach to Pitcairn. Great excitement on board Islanders are a poor lot - but their oranges and bananas are better. Lord Nelson gave us a bucketful stout fellow. Good Friday 15 April Church am quite nice short service but missed 3 hours. Hot, good on top deck. Swimming bath up - but not many bathing, weather more settled Saturday 16 April Usual round of games and sleep.

Won a few rounds. Romeo and Juliet have joined our threesome Sunday 17 April For swim early Holy Communion at 7 am in lounge matinees at am singing poor and couldn't hear parson - good session on top deck at night. Monday 18 April Getting more tropical am quite brown - but not sunburnt swimming every day. Won some games a restless day played mah-jong all afternoon with Doreen, John Barker and Joe Lambert. Friday 22 April. Won golf and tennis doubles, celebrated Romeos win race meeting at night won 5 shillings celebrated some more. To bed late-ish.

Saturday 23 April. Lost golf and tennis finals. Whoopee night. Sunday 24 April. Church Parked on top deck with Sparks a. Marvellous weather mah-jong evening p. Monday 25 April. Everyone getting excited about Panama tomorrow. Pictures tonight "Crime over London" not bad good Anzac Day service 11 am quite impressive. Tuesday 26 April. Arrived Panama 2 pm, tied up at Panama City. For 3 hours drive - shopped and saw everything, filthy place.

To Balboa Bar garden at night - Whoopee - especially later but in bed by Wednesday 27 April Up 6 am to see last of Panama City, glorious weather, trip through Canal most absorbing interesting, through by 2 pm violent weather in Caribbean Sea. Thursday 28 April. Friday 29 April. Great excitement as islands began to appear around 7 am berthed at Kingston 11 o'clock and went ashore for lunch at "Peggy Browns" had turtle steaks plantains etc.

Went for a marvellous trip to Blue Mountains feet 6 hours drive all round a glorious place return to ship at Port Royale about - I love Jamaica. Saturday 30 April. Had a marvellous night at Port Royale XX home at 5 to find the gangway taken up and had to wait till it was replaced. Sailed from Port Royale at 9 am hugged land for quite a time and still seeing plenty of ships.

Feeling very well after and entirely dry day. Saw some marvellous trees and plants at Castleton Gardens - spices, rubber plants, ginger, cloves, teak, cannonball, pride of Burma, cocaine, pride of Sultan, glorious colouring. Sunday 1 May A glorious day warm and blue, to church am with Joe. Mah-jong all p.

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Monday 2 May Fine glorious weather Gulfstream making sea calm and temperature perfect. Feeling awfully well and very happy - so is John a very loving evening on boat deck. Tuesday 3 May A happy day - usual inactivity enjoying swimming again - rather perfect session in wireless room after lunch. Mah-jong p. Most amusing to bed early afterwards to re compensate. Wednesday 4 May Perfect weather the sea is like a blue millpond Recketts blue hardly a movement in the ship - Sparks and I had a lovely evening on the boat deck temperature 74 degrees. Thursday 5 May Received a very loving message from John on awakening to my birthday!

More glorious weather cool in the shade most heavenly sun celebrating my 21st birthday today in lieu of June 5th. Doreen 21 to Whoopee party at night - Baker iced my cake and we had 15 for a party after dinner. Received nice gifts. Such a happy evening John X ships concert on, Romeo and Porky marvellous. A glorious day.

Friday 6 May Cold day resumed woolies children's party p. Everyone busy with preparations for fancy dress dance I dressed as Britannia and didn't look bad. John came and danced and we had a most lovely evening - especially after 12 when we sat on the soaking wet boat deck awnings taken down my blue frock is ruined but it was worth it!! Sunday 8 May Miserable day everybody suffering from hangovers played mah-jong p. Joe and I went to church a. Monday 9 May Fine but grey and windy played golf packed up early and had a marvellous night. Tuesday 10 May Wet and rough - seas rough hateful on deck.

Slept till 4 pm. Wednesday 11 May Fine and cold - seas still rough race meeting at night saw one race then returned to boat deck - boat drill and much amusement p. Thursday 12 May Fine thank heavens - so sat and purred and slept on top deck all day - Sparks free - mah-jong in pm with John Barker, Doreen and Joe.

Farewell dinner at night a marvellous feed. Sparks and I danced and enjoyed a Whoopi night generally. Won spot dance 5 shillings Friday 13 May Cold and foul so no top deck - busy packing a depressing day to many? Cold and wet tied up at 6 pm. To Whitehall Hotel with Mona.

To Corner House for supper by bus and Tube to start with. Came up from Southampton with Bill, Joe and Harold saw wild bluebells. Remember Doss birthday. London is marvellous - Doreen with me and both excited - but hated leaving John this evening. Sunday 15 May The first morning in London is a fine one, glad to rise after a sleepless night Doreen and I went to Hampstead to see her cousin. To Richard's flat p. Monday 16 May Slept well - food in this place not quite adequate for my ferocious appetite but very nicely served. Found our way to New Zealand house and met many Tainui friends plus Romeo who took us to lunch at Mrs Brown's little teashop - 12 letters from me - rang A Fletcher wrote home to Mrs Fry - early night Tuesday 17 May Had my hair done while Doreen went to bank in Moorgate by tube and narrowly missed being killed in accident.

Lunched at Whiteleys with Mona. To Blackheath by SR to see Francie p. By bus to Croydon airport - saw many large planes arrive and leave. Home by devious new routes. A most enjoyable day. Found note from John today he'd called and rung - Oh My! A magnificent chapel and atmosphere perfect - but hot more so - this latter - than in the evening when Mona and I went to Savoy Chapel off the Strand a perfect gem - set amongst tall buildings a most homely service to.

Feel much happier again - but felt awful X - John rang earlier and arranged for us to meet at Olympia this p. To Regents Park and zoo for most enjoyable - especially aquarium - dinner at Slaters again to Snow White and 7 Dwarfs later - good - letter from Harold. Friday 27 May Out early for shopping. To Chelsea Flower Show after lunch at Selfridge's. Glorious display but my cold spoils everything. Wrote to Joe cancelled our trip to Sussex. Saturday 28 May To shops early am and bought 2 frocks and a coat - one for wedding. John rang but could not get out - seems awfully depressed.

Lazy p. Monday 30 May John, Harold and Bill rang. To Mikado first night good voices and costuming - but theatre small - happy night Tuesday 31 May Harold rang early - D and I shopped for a kitchen lunch for Mona - great fun - Harrold came up p. To dinner with W Smith at Piccadilly hotel - a heavenly night. Said "Rabbits" - Harold called early and took me to Windsor for the day. J stayed home. Lovely country and passed Eton and saw boys in full toppers. To London and dined at 10 pm. Dear Joe met us and took us to his house his mother and sister Mog are sweet a glorious country drive later and most sumptuous tea.

A walk over ruined Castle later. Home by 11 pm lovely letter from John in Wales. Friday 3 June Went to see rehearsal of trooping of colour at Horse Guards Parade lovely uniforms, horses etc. John rang and came around p. My bridesmaids frock is a flop - home all evening. Saturday 4 June Up early for wedding at am. Everything went off well and Mona made a stunning bride. Geoffrey Scarlet brought me home afterwards. Found four Air Mail letters and a cable from home and Joyce - long letter from Harold to - Bill rang and we went to Hampton Court for p.

John joined us lovely place saw grapevine etc and got through the maze safely. Dinner at Cowes House and to Iolanthe - wonderful show though all feeling very tired Sunday 5 June John rang to wish me a happy birthday - stayed home all day packing and writing letters. Everyone very nice here - but feeling very strange. Yarned with Sister at night off at pm. Wednesday 8 June Still feeling very new - but like it all right. Letters from John and Harold - cheered me considerably.

Thursday 9 June. Usual day - but feeling better on my own today. But not very busy. No letters - but wrote to John Harold and Doreen. To a Theosophical lecture at night mostly a lot of hooey. Felt a bit lonely and letter from Doreen. Spent p. Saturday 11 June Good day -? Easy day though cold-ish - had fair amount of time off - tho couldn't go to church. Monday 13 June. As usual off at ish - good day -. Wednesday 15 June Slept well off from to and until 11pm relieving - wrote home and to Joe and Harold and John etc - off late and rather tired.

Letter from mother by mothers hand. Thursday 16 June Another marvellous mail from New Zealand letters from everyone and Jessie M - glorious weather -wrote some letters and retired early nothing of note occurred. Friday 17 June. PC from Doreen - easy day went to village p. Letters from Francie and Mona - marvellous day - Harold rang 6 pm and arrived up at went walking later. Doreen came home from Ireland and came in for dinner here. Harold and I took her to station and then went for a bus ride to Plumstead Common - marvellous evening. Sunday 19 June. Rested p. Monday 20 June Day off and a glorious day met Harold at station, we went to Virginia Water for the day - great fun slept in the sun and shade and of the trees till pm.

Lunch at the Wheat Sheaf Hotel. To Pinoldis for dinner and wandered Whitehall, Soho etc after. Home 11 pm after some cider at his digs. Tuesday 21 June. Busy day but quite good Harold arrived 9 pm after day at Wimbledon and we went walking he goes to Rottingdean tomorrow.

Wednesday 22 June. Darling Joe rang from Tunbridge wrote to him - home and John - rang Doreen p. Mac rang and asked me to supper at Chislehurst on Sunday. Thursday 23 June On duty so Doreen saw Joe off didn't sail till 7 pm - Brooks and I went to Hiawatha at the Albert Hall a marvellous show - home - doggo - photo came from home jolly good.

Friday 24 June. Sizzling hot day and woke to find my gold filling out to dentist p. Mac and Doreen came in. Weary unto death tonight wrote to Harold letter from him at night. Saturday 25 June. Awfully hot and tired all day and thanking God I'm not staying longer. To bed early wrote to Joyce. Sunday 26 June.

Awfully busy day hectic p. Mona and Richard came out - Caught train from New Cross to Chislehurst and had dinner with Mac - lovely place and fresh strawberries - home at 12 laden with free lunch Monday 27 June. An interesting day packed - letters from Mogg and Doreen - Mary cut my hair at night - marvellous mail from home Mother Bet Doss and Margaret.

Tuesday 28 June. Pouring with rain and jolly cold - busy morning Doreen rang a. Tired today but off out early to sales bought gloves for Joyce etc wrote Kate, Peggy etc in evening and early to bed Thursday 30 June. Left fur?

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Photo in 5 positions? Saturday 2 July. Up early brekkie at to Victoria by 8 am to Paris by Folkestone Boulogne route one and a quarter hours by sea perfect crossing, hot train journey - gorgeous strawberries and peaches at Boulogne Station - went for a walk before dinner and got our bearings. Called at Cooks and got seats for nightclubs - awful mostly but some quite interesting and Follies Bergere - very good lots of nudes - I loathe the white wines though, home by awfully tired slept spasmodically - Hotel St Petersburg Sunday 3 July. Margot was with Harold Brekkie in bed 2 large eggs and bacon up by and Cooks trip to Mal Maison Napoleon and Josephine's residence thence to Versailles for lunch which was large and gorgeous to the Trianon Palace, saw fountains glorious scenery and altogether happy day home at 7 and a bed early Monday 4 July.

Up at 10 am after petit-dejeuner in bed croissants and coffee mumm! For bus ride round city am and pm visited Notre Dame, Madeleine, Palais de Justice, Napoleon's tomb, etc etc - rained like the deuce - had an amusing time ordering tea. To bed early after writing many PCs. Tuesday 5 July Breakfast in bed - to Eiffel Tower a.

Wednesday 6 July Letters from John Gill and mother this a. Packed in preparation for tomorrow - went to town and shopped a bit - wrote to family Joyce etc rang Mrs Fletcher - to bed early. Saturday 9 July Slept well in quite fair digs - up 8 pm and departed early after good breckkie - saw remainder of colleges and glorious King's College Chapel best stained glass and stonework I've seen yet - to Ely and Norwich saw Cathedrals there - to Sandringham etc etc p.

South end - Tilbury ferry to Gravesend - lovely evening - to Rochester - letter from Mac. Had a good meat meal - out to Hartlip where we slept in one bed very comfortably Tuesday 12 July. Up at 8 AM and made off early without breckkie - back to Rochester and Chatham and saw the castle and cathedral the latter very lovely - Norman - ate pork pies in the park - onto Canterbury and saw Cathedral. Evensong there - exquisite - lovely town - night at farm house at Ash. Wednesday 13 July. Thursday 14 July.

Left ish after a comfortable night through Newhaven to Brighton - Arundel - glorious Castle but couldn't get in - beautiful county - to Bognor - awful full of trippers - Chichester - old Cathedral but very garish and unappealing. Portsmouth - awful crowded and poor - spent night comfortable at East Meon in Hampshire farmhouse. Friday 15 July. Away 10ish and inspected a Norman church in the village - Winchester in pouring rain did Cathedral very thoroughly a lovely place looked at college from outside - saw King Arthur's round table - loved Winchester - to Southampton a lovely place and so to middle of new Forest where we spent a comfortable night in Dick Turpin Inn - Stoney Cross with people who had lived in New Zealand.

Saturday 16 July. Lunched in a hay field home 4 pm and to bed early after much spring cleaning and great to be in London again. Monday 18 July. Letters from John and home etc etc tired this a. Tuesday 19 July. Up betimes and were away by posted am mail to mother and John also other letters home - Aldershot - then Winchester and Salisbury again where we stopped. Wednesday 20 July. Tarried talking till late and sat by wayside writing till enjoyable day just fooling - then New Forest again - Bournemouth lovely - Poole pottery works and the aquatics carnival - Swanage - Corfe Castle - marvellous Dorset scenery and blue seas - night in a Dorset thatched cottage and thatched Dyke!

WC and No Bath. Dorset is amongst lovely country from Lulworth, white horse carved in chalk hill. Thursday 21 July. Away by 10 through most lovely country - always with a view of the sea blue and glorious - to Weymouth a nice beach - Portland Bill - lighthouse - to Doncaster for lunch. Visited a nice china shop. To Cerne Abbas church and into Sherborne Abbey a beautiful place and quaint town - through glorious scenery to Pinho 3 miles from Exeter for night still no bath - but new and beautifully clean Friday 22 July.

Then glorious country to Chagford - Rev and Mrs Holmes - saw lovely old church - Teignmouth and Dawlish for tea rather less crowded place. Red soil is fascinating. Parked in quite pleasant spot in Teignmouth Saturday 23 July. From Torquay some of the most pleasant spots yet - glorious sea views blue sea and sun.

Wildflowers marvellous everywhere and sea as blue and gold and purple - Devon is a beautiful county fields marked out in multicoloured handkerchief squares - red soil predominating. Then Dartmouth perfect to Plymouth Hoe with its Amada associations over several ferry's to Looe Cornwall cream tea at an odd farm house. Spent the night at a delightful farmhouse at Lostwithiel - Mrs Berryman, and slept well. Sunday 24 July. Up for brekkie at 10am much refreshed some interesting chat with hostess. Then not very interesting country dull stone houses and few trees - Truro awful Cathedral shut - to Lizard - South point of England and Lands End - sea blue and sun hot.

Then Penzance not interesting - glad to park at a funny little place at Porthleven with kind people. Monday 25 July. Left with impression that Cornish people are generous and hospitable. Felt mouldy the pouring rain and dull country. Dined at Barnstable. Walked in rain to see King Arthur's Castle at Tintagel - lovely coast - also at Sands where we spent night Tuesday 26 July. To Clovelly a lovely little village lovely country and seascape to Woolacombe Infracombe Lynton Valley and rocks glorious scenery - the loveliest yet Doon Valley Heather Hills with Somerset - Taunton Glastonbury saw Abbey and Woking Hole and Wells then a fierce thunderstorm and rain spent night at Wells with an entertaining Frenchwoman.

Wednesday 27 July On our way early in the time for Choral Matins and look at Cathedral clock with moving figures is the only one thing of great interest. Then Bristol to Gloucester the night rain slept in one room thatched dyke! Thursday 28 July Left quite comfortable digs to visit Gloucester Cathedral cloisters especially noteworthy bought some white shoes and 2 uniforms then Chepstowe and Wye Valley Tintern Abbey most glorious scenery to Monmouth and Herefordshire - saw Cathedral here and had an awful time finding a meal. Spent comfortable night in Little Stretton near Shrewsbury.

Friday 29 July. On our way disappointed to find only 2 local letters paper from mother at Salop onto Wales - most lovely country Snowdon and the Llanberis Conwy Caernarvonshire Menai Bridge castles and glorious seascapes - mountain scenery and waterfalls then Rhyl to Chester 8 pm. Saturday 30 July. Collected letters from home and Harold X. To Lancaster Kendal Windermere lovely lakes all but spoiled by rain saw Wordsworth and Southeys homes etc at Rydal and had a good lunch at Prince of Wales where sun came out and we saw the glorious beauty of the place - night near Carlisle.

Monday 1 August Glorious day and we could hardly tear ourselves away from Carlisle a lovely spot - Gretna Scotland amusing time at blacksmith shop on to Fenwick for night stopping for lunch and sleep at a most pleasant spot - most glorious scenery locks hills and heather spent night at Fenwick. Tuesday 2 August.