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So after like two hours of watching videos and downloading stuff, I found out that the files on ATLauncher for easily setting up a server are actually Windows files, and the Mac equivalent does not exist, at least not publicly. Apparently not. Keep reading. I found you! One more thing to mark off the list. I have 86 of the objects.

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Post a day life of a nutella kat Yogscast complete Minecraft Friends The really big project. Like which server is which, how many servers are there, what????

How to Make a Minecraft Server w/ Plugins (MAC) 2018

Ask tambokazooie a question yogscast yogscast complete pack yogscast complete yogserver yogscast complete server. Gonna try to work out how to set up a server tomorrow. Anyone play yogscast complete? On Minecraft servers you have the option to force users to download and automagically install a texture pack when they join. The way it works is that you need a zip file containing the texture pack somewhere publicly accessible on the internet and you modify the server.


I tried this but immediately realised that there is a limit of 10Mb for texture packs served in this way and the one I had was 38Mb! A little research showed me that there are some command line utilities to optimize PNG files which might help reduce the file size.

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Additionally I found out that when you compress files on a Mac it includes all of the hidden system files resource forks in the archive. For a texture pack the system files are redundant and potentially increase the overall file size. Fortunately there are several applications available that allow you to create zip archives without the system files.

I already use a free application called Keka to deal with archives and found that it offers this facility.

So after running all of the images through ImageOptim I was left with a folder weighing in at For the sake of comparison using the built in Compress command in OS X created a