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Minecraft 1. This time around, things should run If you want to play the Minecraft 1. This guide shows you how to download and install the Minecraft 1.

Mod: Add Violent Storms with the Weather & Tornadoes Mod (1.2.5)

It also details how to uninstall Minecr Minecraft is a great game because it grants the player total creative freedom. Not only can you build whatever you want in your world, you can also choose the appearance of your world, by installing Texture Packs. This video will show you how to install Texture Packs for Minec Interested in changing some of the textures in your version of Minecraft? If you're running Minecraft 1. If you have Minecraft 1. Download the Millenaire Mod. Looking for a bunch of mods to pump up your new installation of the Minecraft 1. Head over to this thread to find out more about it, a Check out this video guide to learn how to install the pistons mod for Minecraft beta 1.

This Minecraft guide will show you how to download and install the pistons mod so that you can add a whole new element to your Minecraft world. Interested in checking out the minecolony mod? Don't let the fact that you play on a Mac keep you from doing it. Watch this video and learn how to install the minecolony mod for Minecraft beta on your mac and explore a whole new world.

IF you're interested in giving your Minecraft game that World War look with plans, guns, and more, try installing Flans Mod if you're running version 1. To find out more about what Flans Mod will add to your Minecraft version, take a look at the official Flans M Looking for a fun colony game set in a Minecraft world? For some incredible strategy based gameplay, check out the Minecolony mod for Minecraft.

This video explains the where, what and how of downloading and installing Monecolony on your PC. Check it out, you can install the Minecraft Friend Mod. Watch this video for easy to follow step by step instructions on downloading and installing this Minecraft mod. Get your friends in the game by bringing the Minecraft Friend mod to your Minecraft world. Explore a whole new Minecraft world with Industrial Craft. Watch this video to learn how to download and install the Industrial Craft mod for Minecraft beta 1.

The Industrial Craft mod has all kinds of new items for you to enjoy, check it out. Getting bored with Minecraft? Looking to spice things up a little? This gamer's guide presents a complete, step-by-step overview of the process. For complete instructions, watch the video! Love Minecraft? Search WonderHowTo for more Minecraft hacks, c Mods can let you change around the way your game looks, and you can download quite a lot of mods for free off Minecraft fan sites.

This tutorial shows you where to find the best ones and how to download and install them. Are you playing Minecraft on a Mac? Would you like more functions and better performance from chat? Check out this video, you'll need to download Modloader and improved chat. You'll be able to bind keys, so that your most used commands are only a single keystroke away! Looking to enhance your Minecraft experience with the Portal Gun mod?

Start by watching this video. You'll have to download Modloader and Audiomod and the Portal Gun. Playing Minecraft on your Mac will just keep getting better. Have fun with the Portal Gun! Want to personalize your Minecraft game? This tutorial shows you how you can find custom skins and texture packs on Minecraft fan sites, and then import them to your game. This method will only work for machines running either Windows Vista or 7. After playing Minecraft for a while, the old skins and textures can start to get old.

But thanks to the internet, there's a LARGE community creating skins and textures that you can put right into the game! If you're wondering how to do this, this video will get you quick tutor The wait is over, the greatest Minecraft mod is here. Watch this video to learn how to download and install the Millenaire mod.

The Millenaire mod adds an incredible amount of depth and richness get it? While this tutorial shows you only how to install a custom skin for your Minecraft avatar, you can use this procedure to install nearly any skin and mod in your Minecraft game. Make everything look more interesting in your game! Looking for the ultimate Minecraft mod? If you are looking to mod Minecraft this is your one stop shop. If you're running either the Minecraft 1. The Too Many Items mod helps you organize your inventory in a much better way. This mod was designed to improve the quality of the ambient light in your Minecraft game.

It's super easy to add to your game. This tutorial shows you where to find the mod and then how to install it on your computer. Add a little bounce to your crafting with Trampoline v1. This mod will allow you to build a trampoline in Minecraft that will bounce your character to new heights along with other creatures and objects that land on it.

Visit the official Trampoline mod th Most Minecraft player would agree that if the game is missing anything, it's Zombies. Thankfully, there's a mod for that. Download WinRar and the ZombieCraft mod and follow the instructions given in this Minecraft mod install guide to zombi Visit this site and download all of the necessary files, then check out this videos helpful instructions for install the More Creeps and Weirdos mod to Minecraft. Your modded Minecraft world will have more Creeps and Weirdos in it than you'll know what to do with.

What better way to enjoy the beauty of the blocky world of Minecraft than by flying across the land? If you want to fly in the new release of Minecraft 1.

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If you want to install a Minecraft 1. Make sure you download the Minecraft 1. The low system requirements of Minecraft make it ideal for playing on an Android smartphone. If you're looking to find out how to download, install, and play Minedroid, a version of Minecraft designed for your Android phone, take a look at this walkthrough and check out the do Playing Minecraft on your Mac? Wondering how to install the Too Many Items mod you've been hearing so much about?

There is a crash for portal gun. Everytime I try to change the creative tab page minecraft crashes due to a portal gun texture I believe. Do you have multiple mods installed? I installed the mod right and all the items are there, but every time I try to use the items it freezes. Hey i install the mod and it works but the turrets dont work.

The Turrets automatically ignore you. In the config file in. And look for seethroughportals.

Uhhh… its not there anymore. Dear Ichun, I was wondering if you would allow me to use all of you mods for a Modpack I was working for. When I installed this mod everything worked great until i got to the turrets. For whatever reason the turrets were friendly. Please help. I use the recipe for the portal gun and it not shows on the display, I had to go to creative mode to get one. Hi, whenever i shoot my portal gun the portal is the color of the sky and its not transparent and the portal looks all white.

Thank you for your time. I really want this mod but a lot of people seem to be having issues with it. I have a mac and this mod does not work at all. I downloaded forge and it works okay. Does anyone know how to use this mod on a mac? Downloads are broken again, both primary and mirror AdF. Ah, the amazing technology of today. Oh, if anyone is trying to download this, the download link can be manually extracted from the last script block in the head of the AdF. GL version 2. No, really, that was supposed to happen.

Second, the emancipation grid, the lasers, and the checkpoints as well as the see-through portals are still being worked on and are not yet ready to be added yet. Anyway, thanks! Cake will be rewarded as soon as possible. I have no idea why it wont work,,, but I can tell you… dont this this will help but I have windows 8. Thank you. Anyone else getting the black texture for long fall boots? Or is it just me?

If someone has any idea on how to fix it, please tell me. This happened with me, I installed another version and it had the textures, what version are you using. Let me know. Hey IChun. The possibility that you read this is pretty low but i do have question. The Portal 2 Gels mod.

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The Creator said that he asked you if you could include it into the mod itself. Also that you said yes to the idea. So my question is: When will we see the Gels? Could someone tell me if they can download the 1. I wait the 5 sec and click skip ad but then nothing happens I think theres a problem with creeperhost but theres no alternative link for the newest version. NoClassDefFoundError: md at java. ClassNotFoundException: md at net.

How to install Tornadoes Mod 1.2.5 [Mac]

NullPointerException at net. Hope this helps. I love your portal gun mod since 1. Like, all audio related to the mod is gone…. Then i downloaded both the portal gun and the util files and dragged them into the mods folder.

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I am so confused. I got the mod, I installed forge, I got ichun util, and the mod works fine. However, the sounds do not play. And yes, I got the 1. I cant download this. ClassNotFoundException: cpw. ITickHandler at net. As far as I know, the mod is not updated yet! Ok, first off, I have the correct forge installed.

I downloaded both portal gun file and ichun from above. I moved both files into the mods folder. I start the game and they show up under the mods menu, but when I play it will not let me create the portal gun. Anyone run across this before? I installed the newest version 2.

Ok, so I have forge — 1. But, whenever I start up minecraft it keeps crashing for some reason.

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What am I doing wrong? Ive looked up tutorials online, read through comments, and none of these seem to work. Is it my version? If not, which version of IChun Util and the portal mod will work, or have been known to work. Please update the mod to version 1. NullPointerException at slender. Hola quisiera saber cuando sale Portal Gun para la 1. X , o una actualizacion para la 1. Plz update it to 1. IPlayerTracker at net. Unknown Source at cpw.

Using framebuffer objects because OpenGL 3. Anisotropic filtering is supported and maximum anisotropy is Shaders are available because OpenGL 2. There is no portal 1. Guys…Which version has working Fizzler?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hey just wondering can you make it in 1. Plz plz plz. He has stated that this mod will no longer be updated past 1. You maybe out of luck. Skipping 1. I Wonder When The 1. When I start a new world. Any help? Thanks for porting. I am having a very hard time trying to install the sound files for the 1. I am currently using the 1. Plz help me. Which files does the mod look through? Do i have to individually place each folder into there respective slots? Is this a bug or something?

Hey can you please add lasers, discouragement cubes and laser resevers? The page is rendering weird in Chrome. The ad above the download links is actually covering the first 4 download links making them unusable. IChun please add the lasers back in! They were so awesome and also the grills add them back in too! It has to render the world twice with it on. Is there any way at all to get them to work for later versions? Is it also at 1. If so tell me where I can find it , and thank you very much in advance. IndexOutOfBoundsException: at java. Features enabled: false Level generator options: Level spawn location: World: 8,64,8 , Chunk: at 8,4,8 in 0,0; contains blocks 0,0,0 to 15,,15 , Region: 0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to ,, Level time: 0 game time, 0 day time Level dimension: 0 Level storage version: 0x — Unknown?

Level weather: Rain time: 0 now: false , thunder time: 0 now: false Level game mode: Game mode: creative ID 1. Hardcore: false. Hi, I want to know, is there a version of this mod that is version 1. It keeps saying minimum version required 4. Please update to 1. OH and please add the gels and other stuff and the lasers cuz when I grabbed the laser block it cant be placed.

Also looking for the beta 1.