How to play ps2 games on mac os x

For example, OpenEmu shows you box art for each of your games, and automatically sorts them by platform. It lets you make playlists with your favorite games by category across platforms, and universalizes controller schemes for each emulated system—all with an easy-to-understand and attractive interface. OpenEmu doesn't work for computer platforms—you'll still need separate emulators for, say, the Atari or ST.

But for game consoles, it's outstanding. And for once, it's a Mac exclusive. The best part: OpenEmu takes care of the core emulation engines behind each platform. When I think of a front end, normally I think of a program I'll have to install alongside a base emulator. But OpenEmu does all that work for you and comes packaged with integrated cores for popular systems you can download with the click of a button. If you plan to play with OpenEmu, you want the Experimental version. That sounds dangerous, but in this case, it just means you'll have vastly extended platform compatibility.

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Head to OpenEmu. OpenEmu will be able to play games, but you'll have to download them separately. Before we go any further here, we must issue a standard disclaimer: It's generally illegal to own ROMs of a given arcade machine, cartridge, or CD-ROM unless you own the actual item in question. In reality, though, it's a gray area—especially for titles that aren't available by any other means.

We can't link directly to any ROM sites here, but they're pretty easy to find. OpenEmu will search the web for box art, but if it can't find any, use Google Image Search to locate your own. Download it to your desktop, then drag the art over to the multicolor-banded image above the ROM, and the new image will replace it. Don't feel like messing with ROMs? OpenEmu actually includes a decent number of custom-built games, each made to look and feel like a classic console installment.

Open the program's main menu and select the Homebrew tab to view the list of games available. This is all well and good, but why play these great games using your Mac's keyboard, when you can do it the right way with the proper controllers? Xbox One controllers are compatible through a downloadable driver.

From there, you'll see a wood background image with a drop-down menu for choosing systems. Choose a system, and you'll see the console's controls with a matching stock controller image on the left. Now click in each field and match the action with the corresponding button on your controller. Well, fuck me. If you thought yes, why the hell do you think you're reading this article?

I knew it had network support so I started doing digging there. The key word there was PC. That's fine, we'll fix it. We did it before with P.

Things You’ll Need

Here's what we'll need I hate hearing about those goddamn things. I've never, ever needed one for anything that says I need one. If you need an explanation of how to do this, please read through this. First off, since we're connecting to our router instead of a direct connection to the computer, we have to make sure that our settings are correct in our IPCONFIG.

DAT file. First, we'll need to set the gateway appropriately for the router.

PS1 Emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

My router is at This isn't too typical, most routers are at Basically, whatever IP address you use to access your routers settings is what you should use as the gateway. Set the IP address as something that'll be out of the way of any other devices on the network. I put it as Leave the subnet mask alone.

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Start up WineBottler and go to the advanced tab. Sorry If I am not allowed to ask this due to piracy rules, but this is not what it sounds like. Okay, it is, but it wont be used illegally.

Step 2: Install 'PCSX'

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows any apps that rip Playstation Two games to my mac in correct form for me to re-burn them? I dont believe this is called emulating, but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated! Its perfectly legal to back up your own games. Toast will burn PS2 games, if you can find a program called "Gumby" it will also burn and patch "pal" games.

You will need a modded playstation to run any burned games, a slim PS2 requires a mod chip or a real swap disk. An old PS2 can work with just a memory card exploit and cogswap.

Thanks for the reply. I have a slim PS2, so I was wondering what a real swap disk is?

Free and open-source PlayStation 2 emulator for Mac OS X

Is it easy? Also, what is a mod chip, cna you please provide some info on both? A swapdisk, uses a exploit in PS2, a modchip is an exploit. Mod chips always fail for some reason or another, if you have the money, get a old used PS2 or order SwapDisk. Thanks for your help! Also, what program can I use to rip the games to my computer?