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Picture Collage Maker for Mac does more than photo collages!

You select the template, add some photos to the left side, then drag them to the individual squares. If the photo dimensions do not match that of the square you can move the photo around, and I have been able to double click the photo and ENLARGE it to zoon in, but I cannot reduce the size. Let me explain Lets say you are using a template with square boxes. Well, no camera today put out square photos. What if you need the entire photo in the template box? You should be able to reduce the photo so the larger dimension fits, and then fill the background with something - like letterboxing.

This does not appear possible - or at least is the one option that isn't intuitive.

6 Best Photo Editing Applications for Mac in 12222

Since I am using this to make single large collage images of products I am selling, I must have the entire photo visible. If I have to use another tool to resize each image, than this is essentially useless to me. Good for simple collage project. Photo Book.

Fun Photo. Templates cover all categories of greeting cards, scrapbook and photo album, calendar, disk cover, comic collage, poster and magazine cover, etc. You can use various background patterns to produce good looking collages, or customize background with your own images. Apply special frames, masks, and clipart, etc.

Picture Collage Maker for Mac - Photo Collage Editor on Mac

Customize your layout to better fit your pictures by sliding interior frame lines. Create rectangular Diptics ideal for printing!

Step2. Import photo to collage maker for Mac

Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply interesting background textures. Image Adjustments Apply filters to your photos.

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Personalize your Diptics with text captions. Adjust the text size, color, font, curvature, placement and more! Other Sweet Features Save your Diptic projects. Drag and drop pictures into frames, and swap photos between frames Undo edits! Need Help?